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Proud Flesh & Wound Care for Horses

Aids in the prevention & elimination of proud flesh. Safe for all types of cuts, sores & more. Check out the injuries. The menu drop-down lists specific injury types.

I have used this product on several severe wounds with great success.

Lu Ann Groves

DVM, The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic

Proud Flesh Horse Treatment


Proud Flesh Prevention | Horse Wound Care

PF Wonder Salve aids in the treatment of all types of cuts, sores, and equine excessive tissue granulation, a.k.a  proud flesh. The solution may be used wrapped or un-wrapped. It works great on upper and lower body injuries.

Typically, wounds on horses lower limbs are slow to heal, and can be difficult to manage. Proud flesh can explode in a relatively short period of time. Since the skin on lower limbs is relatively thin compared to other areas, lower limbs historically, have taken a long time to heal. Lower limb wounds are especially prone to developing excessive tissue granulation (proud flesh). This condition can quickly get out of control, resulting in a disfiguring protrusion from the limb. Not only is the condition unsightly, but it may lower the ability and performance, as well as the value of the horse.

There are many products available, but most are caustic substances that eat away the granulation tissue.  Caustic powders and substances not only eradicate proud flesh, but destroy healthy tissue as well causing further problems and set-backs. These types of products are ineffective in wound healing. PF Wonder Salve works in an entirely different way. The paste is balanced to promote healthy tissue, while eliminating unsightly proud flesh. This unique formula works unlike typical caustic agents. Even sensitive horses do not mind application of the salve.

How To Prevent Proud Flesh

With this one-stop solution you can easily prevent or eliminate proud flesh formation. PF Wonder Salve contains no alcohol, no DMSO, no petroleum or no other ingredients that cause stinging and burning. Gentle yet effective. Anti-irritating. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

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Chest Injury

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De-Gloved Leg

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  • Does not sting, burn, or damage healthy tissue.
  • Repels flies, stays put on area, no-drip solution.
  • Water-based, no petroleum, no Alcohol.
  • Works with, or without bandage.
  • No White Hairs!
  • Promotes Hair Re-growth.
  • Forms protective coating.
  • Anti-irritating.




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