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Horse Wound On Face | Head

Face Wound on Horse

Head wounds are very common on horses. Fortunately, as gruesome as they can be, they heal quickly. The head and face are extremely vascular compared to other areas of the body, and the blood flow aids in healing these areas. Good management is the key to good cosmetic results with minimal scarring. PF Wonder Salve works remarkably well on these areas. Never use PF Wonder Salve on exposed bone. For exposed bone, we recommend packing the area with sugar paste (white sugar & saline, not sugardine). The tissue will granulate quickly and you can begin using PF Wonder Salve.

Injury Photos

The filly in these photos stuck her head under a steel pipe gate hinge. She peeled most of her face off to the bone. These impressive photos span a duration of 8 weeks. No scar and no white hairs.

Head Wound On Horse With De-Gloved Cheek

DJ, the horse in this series of photos, had a de-gloved right cheek. After four weeks, his owner discovered PF Wonder Salve. Once she started applying the salve to his face, the area rapidly shrunk in size. She did not use a mask, as PF Wonder Salve forms a protective coating and repels flies.



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