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Hock Injury On Horse


This horse turned up with an injury to the front of her hock. She also had a very bad capped hock. The hock was bandaged for the first week. A clay poultice was used on the capped hock. Also lots of  hydrotherapy was used on the hock with a fair amount of water pressure. The salve was applied to the inside area. As you can see, hair growth came in naturally, and no proud flesh! The capped hock resolved completely.


  • Leg was bandaged first week with salve applied to area
  • Last three weeks leg was unbandaged with salve applied to open area

Disfiguring Capped Hock Injury On Horse

The case shown below was a tough one with permanent cosmetic damage, however, the wound itself healed nicely. This could have been a disaster if the wound had gotten infected, but PF Wonder Salve formed a protective coating, over the area. It was not possible to wrap this tough-to-heal injury. The owner in Illinois did a great job managing such a difficult wound.

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