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De-gloved Leg Injury | Exposed Bone On Horse

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  • Exposed Bone On Horse | De-Gloved Leg

    Severe injury on show horse in Wisconsin. The horse’s leg was de-gloved to the bone with a large area of exposed bone. After desired amount of granulation tissue covered exposed bone, the owner applied the salve. Owner is pleased with results. More updates coming soon.

Severe, Disfiguring Proud Flesh

  • Large, Disfiguring Proud Flesh Injury

    Show Horse in Kentucky with severe proud flesh. When the owner discovered our proud flesh horse care product, she was desperate. Proud flesh can get out of hand very quickly. The injury was a few weeks old by the time the horse’s owner discovered a safe, effective solution. Powerful, yet gentle results. Amazing results!

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Severe Proud Flesh | Catastrophic Injury Horse

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  • Catastrophic Leg Injury On Horse

    This filly kicked through a steel slat at a stock sale. Although severely injured, she was purchased at the sale. Before photo was taken two days after injury, and proud flesh was starting to explode. This shows how quickly proud flesh can become exuberant. The time span between these photos was three months.

Flank Injury On Horse

  • Severe Flank Injury On Horse

    This colt was severely injured by a gate latch while turned out in a field. The latch cut a huge gash along his side. He had two ribs surgically removed, and had countless internal and external sutures. Neither the internal, nor external sutures held. The colt’s owner, who lives in England, was thrilled with the progress and end result, as was the veterinarian. The surface is smooth with absolutely no scar tissue, or raised surface.

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Wire Cut On Horse Foot & Cut Coronary Band

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  • Wire Cut On Horse Foot & Coronary Band

    This serious wire cut occurred while the colt was turned out in a pasture, and found a day or two after the injury. Photos taken over a period of 10 weeks. The colt is 100% sound. Nearly flawless results.

Pastern Cut On Horse

  • Deep Pastern Cut On Horse

    This horse showed up to the feed pen with a dirty, nasty cut on her pastern. The cut was extremely painful, inflamed, and bloody. The hair growth has kept up with the wound closure, and no white hairs! The cut was over an inch deep at the top. This cut was never wrapped, and nothing was applied except saline solution (to clean), and the proud flesh wonder salve. This turned around very quickly, with minimal maintenance. Duration: three weeks.

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