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Prevent & Eliminate Proud Flesh

Ideal For All Types Of Cuts & Sores On Horses

Balanced Care

Perfectly balanced care for your horse. Gentle, yet powerful. All natural & non-damaging.

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Save Time & Money

It’s possible to avoid surgical removal of unsightly, disfiguring issues from your horse.


  • Does not sting, burn, or damage healthy tissue
  • Repels flies, stays put on area, no-drip solution
  • All natural, water-based paste
  • Apply to area with included brush
  • Works with, or without bandage
  • Safe & effective

Many medications cause proud flesh, others will slow healing right down and when proud flesh is present scarring is inevitable. A T.B. yearling, Mush, gashed his side open in a freak accident with a gate latch. The stitching broke down within three days, and he was left with a gaping wound. There was a dilemma as to what to use. Then, after a short time the groom started to use a proud flesh salve. I did not see the horse for about 8 weeks and when I did I just could not believe how rapidly the area closed. My original prognosis for the wound to look anything like closing was December/January and in the healing, I was expecting to have to debride proud flesh. I am now using PF Wonder Salve on a horse with a serious wire injury to its pastern and heel. This horse has been treated for two months with little healing taking place. In a week of using the salve there is a noticeable improvement in the lessening of the proud flesh and the area looking a lot healthier. I am both surprised and impressed.

Alistair Lees, BVetMed MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon, Shavehill Equine Clinic

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