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Equine Tissue Granulation

De-gloved Leg Horse | Exposed BoneThis article will list ways to save time and money, but most importantly, get your horse on the right path to healing. Being in the wound care business, we have seen many catastrophic horse wounds with exposed bones and tendons. One of the most common injuries our customers deal with are wire cuts with de-gloved legs to the bone. Many owners panic at the site of exposed bone, and rightfully so.

It is imperative that granulation tissue form over the bone as soon as possible. Equine lower limbs are prone to exuberant tissue formation, so it’s imperative you manage the wound correctly. The best way to granulate tissue, and create a healthy wound bed, is with a simple paste made of sugar and water. Make the paste thick enough so that you can pack it on bone, and wrap with cotton padding and vetwrap. Sugar paste, not to be confused with sugardine (sugar/betadine paste), nourishes the bone, creates a healthy wound bed and quickly granulates tissue.

What Not to Use

Often times, when customers first find us, they are using compounds such as Nitrofurazone, Chlorhexidine, or silver sulfadiazine. While silver is beneficial, these compounds do not rapidly cover the bone with granulation tissue. Often times, wounds treated with these compounds will stall. This can be dangerous, as if the bone is not covered quickly enough, it can start to die, become weakened, or infected. Also, this unnecessarily delays healing.

Equine Granulation Tissue

PF Wonder SalveOnce granulation tissue has formed over all, or most of the area, apply PF Wonder Salve. PF Wonder Salve will rapidly close in area, and keep excessive tissue granulation in check. It will eliminate any proud flesh that has formed.

From this point on, you can still use a sugar pack for exposed bone that may be present in the center, or avoid using PF Wonder Salve the center a few more days until it finishes closing. Never apply PF Wonder Salve to exposed bone.

PF Wonder Salve comes with detailed instructions. The first few days it’s advisable to wrap the leg daily, or every other day. After that, you may leave 2-4. Once area is flat, it’s not necessary to wrap the leg. For large areas, it’s best to wrap, as this protects the area from re-injury while it’s closing in.

Managing De-Gloved Leg Injury

PF Wonder SalveBy following the protocol described above, you can expect excellent results with regard to the wound healing. PF Wonder Salve customers who granulate tissue over exposed bone with sugar paste get further ahead at a quicker rate than those who do not. PF Wonder Salve rapidly closes and flattens the area after using sugar paste. If there is no exposed bone, skip the sugar paste and use PF Wonder Salve from start to finish. Often times one 6 oz. jar will provide enough applications for a large area such as a leg. Hair continuously grows along the edges in it’s original color with no white hairs. PF Wonder Salve does not burn, sting, or kill healthy tissue. It promotes a healthy wound bed, and helps the horse’s body heal itself. We are awaiting final photo.


  • Naturally antibacterial.
  • Naturally anti-fungal.
  • Over 90% All Natural.
  • Anti-Irritant.
  • No Sting | No Burn.
  • Difficult Horses tolerate it well.
  • Repels Flies.
  • Water resistant.
  • Works with, or without bandage.

Proud Flesh Wonder Salve Customer Reviews

See what our customers and veterinarians are saying about PF Wonder Salve. Often times we hear, from customers, how they wish they’d taken photos of their horses injuries. Customer Reviews

Hock Injury With Exposed Tendon

Hock Kris 1The photo on the left was taken the day the owner of this horse purchased PF Wonder Salve. At this point, within about ten days, the wound had gone from bad to worse, as often happens with contusion injuries. Often times, a horse will roll near a fence, or panels, and get hung up. It’s not known what happened to this horse, but it is likely the injury was caused by blunt force trauma. The horse was examined by the owner’s vet, and was found to not have any permanent damage, or soundness problems.

At this point, the owner began packing the wound, and exposed tendon, with a thick paste of plain sugar and saline solution. The hock was wrapped as shown in the photo below. When making a sugar paste, water works fine, or you may use electrolyzed saline solution. Within 2-3 days, the entire surface filled in with healthy granulation tissue, the tendon was covered, and a healthy wound bed was formed.

Applying PF Wonder Salve for Duration

After the tissue granulated, the owner began using PF Wonder Salve. As mentioned above, it didn’t take long for the tissue to form, and it could have become exuberant in another day or two. PF Wonder Salve rapidly smooths the area without harsh damage, stinging or burning. It gently smoothes the surface and pulls the edges together. Keep in mind, the hock is a tough area as it is constantly being stretched from use. These photos were taken over a period of three weeks as of October 4th, 2015. After about a week, the area was small enough that PF Wonder Salve could be painted on un-bandaged. PF Wonder Salve forms a protective coating that stays put. It works well on all parts of the body except for eyes. Click on photos to enlarge. Final photo coming soon.

Horse Injury Photos

Click menu below to see amazing before and after photos of horse injuries treated with PF Wonder Salve. The case studies detail each case, and show how the injury was treated.

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