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How to Treat Equine Foot | Hoof Injuries

Explained in this article, is step by step details of how several catastrophic equine hoof/foot injuries were successfully managed. The photos and details are shown below. First and foremost, it is always a good idea to seek veterinary treatment for a wound such as the ones shown in this article. If you have any doubt about a wound, have it evaluated sooner, rather than later. Also, it is best to be conservative when questioning whether a joint or other synovial structure, is involved. Joint infection is not something you want to risk.

Cut Foot on Horse | Coronary Band Injury 01The first horse shown was found in a field with a dirty, wire cut all the way through the coronet band. The foot was more than halfway cut off, but amazingly, other than the damage to the coronet band, there was no structural damage; only soft tissue damage.

The colt had been out on the back side of a ranch and was not found until two to three days after the injury. A tetanus, and penicillin shot was given immediately. The foot was cleaned an packed with ichthammol ointment. Ichthammol can be found at many feed stores, or here on Amazon. Ichthammol draws out impurities, helps alleviate pain and draws infection. The wound looked fresh and clean only 2 days later after packing the foot with ichthammol, then wrapping. Initially, it is best to change the bandage daily so that signs of infection can be closely monitored.

Cut Foot on Horse | Coronary Band Injury 02

This is what the foot looked like on the third day. This is after two days of packing foot with ichthammol and one application of PF Wonder Salve. It’s important to note that ichthammol is a greasy ointment. It does not aid in wound closure. It also promotes proud flesh, and therefore should only be used the first couple of days to draw impurities and clean the wound bed.

Cleaning Foot Injury on Horse

As far as cleaning the wound, it was not abraded, it was flushed well with water, and packed with ichthammol. For wounds with deep crevices like this one, PF Wonder Wash may be used to flush the area. A syringe (no needle) works great for flushing deep crevices. PF Wonder Wash deep cleans, yet is gentle and will not damage healthy tissue. We also recommend cleaning with PF Wonder Wash every time the bandage is changed.

PF Wonder Salve is a one-step solution that can be used from start to finish. After the first week, the bandage was changed every two to three days. Simply paint PF Wonder Salve on the area, apply non-stick pad, then wrap with a disposable diaper, or rolled cotton. This two-year-old colt was walking soundly after one week. It took just under six weeks, and one jar of PF Wonder Salve to achieve completion of healing.

Hoof Injury Prognosis

As far as wound healing, these types of injuries generally heal well, especially when utilizing the above protocol. As far as long-term soundness, that all depends on what, if any structural damage was done to the hoof or foot. Often times when the coronet band is cut, the overall structure of the hoof may be compromised, often corrected with proper shoeing. The damage can vary greatly. Many times a horse will go on to be sound, and then if the hoof gets a little long, it can destabilize an already compromised hoof structure and can result in the wound opening up again. For best results with this type of injury, keep the hoof in top order. Do not let the hooves get overdue for a trim.

Hoof & Coronary Band Injury

This horse was initially seen by Dr. Lu Ann Grove, DVM., at the The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic. The horse’s wound was cleaned and examined for structural damage of the hoof. The owner expressed that she wanted to use PF Wonder Salve on the foot. Dr. Groves was open to using the salve, and was thrilled six weeks later at the results. The total duration of photos shown in gallery was just under six weeks. . Click on photos to see full size.

I have used this product on several severe wounds with great success.

Lu Ann Groves

DVM, The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic

PF Wonder Salve. I don’t even know where to start. I ordered my product and it arrived way faster than I’d expected AND they have followed up every single step of the way right from the get-go. I’ve never had a company that seemed to care so much. Any message I sent over Facebook was responded to in minutes! The products themselves are absolutely amazing. My horse had a horrific foot injury. He managed to tear himself open from just above the heel right around the inside of the foot along the coronary band right to the front….more than halfway around. It was deep enough the vet put his finger in past the second knuckle. Dexter would not permit stitches even after all the sedation and freezing so we were wrapping daily. After two months of nothing but tons of proud flesh, we found PF Wonder Salve. All I can say is I wish we’d found it at the start. We had more healing in two treatments than we’d had in 10 weeks! Within 9 days the proud flesh was gone and the cut was reduced by two-thirds. Today he is back out with the rest of the herd with little more than a bump on the foot (which I’m certain we would not have if we had found these products sooner) and a scar. I will include 4 photos here if I can…initial injury, two treatments in, a month in, and current. I also welcome contact from anyone questioning if they should try these products! Feel free to message me!

Sandi Fenech

Horse Owner, Facebook Review

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