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Case Studies


Flank Injury

The colt named Mush was severely injured by a gate latch while turned out in a field. The latch cut a huge gash along his side. He had two ribs surgically removed, and had countless internal and external sutures. Neither the internal, nor external sutures held. Mush’s owner, who lives in England, has kept us up to date on his progress. As you can see, the surface is smooth with absolutely no scar tissue, or raised surface. Final photo shows shaved area. The owner began using the salve approximately two weeks after the injury. Entire duration was 60 days. The salve is endorsed by Mush’s veterinarian, Dr. Alistar Lees, MRCVS, Shavehill Equine Clinic, UK.


  • Owner applied salve to area
  • Every few days, owner painted on new layer of salve as needed

I am using PF Wonder Salve on a horse with a serious wire injury to its pastern and heel. This horse has been treated for two months with little healing taking place. In a week of using the salve there is a noticeable improvement in the lessening of the proud flesh, and the area looking a lot healthier. I am both surprised and impressed.

Alister Lees,

BVetMed MRCVS, Veterinary Surgeon, Shavehill Equine Clinic

Blunt Force Leg Injury With Proud Flesh

This filly kicked through a steel slat at a sale. Although severely injured, she was purchased at the sale for $200. The before photo was taken two days after injury, and proud flesh was starting to explode. This shows how quickly proud flesh can become exuberant. The time span up to last photo was 10 weeks.


  • For best results, properly bandage leg injuries
  • If infection is present, change bandage daily, otherwise, change bandage every 2-3 days
  • Avoid hydrotherapy
  • Follow directions
  • Use minimal water

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