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Shoulder | Chest T-Post Injury on Horse

Shoulder Injuries On Horses

The two photos below were submitted by customers. Please click on the link below to what they say about using PF Wonder Salve. A small jar will treat wounds of this size. Often times owners stitch open wounds like this only to find the stitches don’t hold long. This is no problem for PF Wonder Salve and PF Wonder Wash. Both products work well together keeping the wound clean and free of flies. It also minimizes swelling and contracts the wound size (makes it smaller quickly).

How to Treat T-Post Chest Injury

This horse apparently reared up and came down on a T-post. April Feagins, the owner’s daughter, cared for the horse. The horse was¬†taken to the vet right away for sutures. The chest was able to be stitched, however, with injuries like this, sutures rarely hold. In no time, the stitches came loose, and the chest injury was gaping. April’s mother had heard about PF Wonder Salve through a friend, and decided to order a jar. The salve was painted on the area every day. Total duration from first photo to last was 17 days! T-post injuries are common, and can be catastrophic. The salve works great on this type of injury. Visit PF Wonder Salve Facebook page to learn more about this horse, and others.

I show every person that walks into my barn of wonder salve and then my horses and what it has done for us !!! I wouldn’t have made it the past six months without it !!!

April Feagins


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