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Cut on Horse's Leg

This colt had a deep cut in his leg when a stall door was left unlatched. He got in the barn aisle, and got stuck badly with a pitchfork. For best results, avoid excessive hosing and wrap. PF Wonder Salve was pained on area. Allowed to slightly dry, then wrapped. Bandage was changed every 2-3 days. We didn’t get the final photo, but understand this is no evidence remaining of the injury.

Easy to use, one-step solution. It’s all you need from start to finish. Non-damaging, non-caustic to healthy tissue. All natural. Soothing, no sting, no burn.

Cut On Horse's Leg | PF Wonder Salve

Deep Cut On Horse Leg

Treat Cut On Horse's Leg

How To Treat Cut On Horse

How To Treat Cut On Horse's Leg

 This horse got loose through an open gate and got cut on a pitch fork. The cut was very deep, and almost all they way through the leg. It was much worse than it appears.  This cut was a little slower to heal than normal due to the deep tissue, and tendon damage. The tendon was not permanently damaged, and the colt make a 100% recovery. Salve was applied to the area. As you can see, hair growth came in naturally, no scare, and no proud flesh!


  • Leg was only bandaged first few days with salve applied to area. The stud colt was difficult to bandage.
  • Last few weeks leg was unbandaged with salve applied to open area

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