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How To Remove Proud Flesh

Proud Flesh Treatment for Horses | Cut Foot 111PF Wonder Salve prevents and eliminates proud flesh, also known as excessive tissue granulation. With the use of PF Wonder Salve, the area rapidly contracts, and flattens. Hair continuously grows along the edges in it’s original color with no white hairs. PF Wonder Salve is uniquely balanced, and non-damaging to healthy tissue. The salve is a one-step solution. There is no need for excessive hydro therapy.

To remove existing proud flesh/excessive tissue granulation, or prevent it from forming, apply the solution to clean, dry area. For areas on the lower limb, you may experience faster healing by wrapping, although wrapping is not necessary. PF Wonder Salve works well on the upper body unwrapped. PF Wonder Salve is ideal for all types of cuts & sores. In the instance of a de-gloved leg injury, never apply the salve directly to exposed bone. It may be used along the outer edges as the center is filling in over bone.

PF Wonder Salve works on recent, and older proud flesh. For older, hardened proud flesh, abrade the area until slight bleeding occurs. This removes the tough outer edge and allows PF Wonder Salve to penetrate the excessive tissue granulation. Lower limbs on horses can explode in proud flesh very quickly. The foot shown above was just starting to show signs of producing proud flesh. The photo at the top of the page is a photo posted on PF Wonder Salve Facebook by the owner. That case is shown below.

Avoid Surgical Removal of Proud Flesh

It is not necessary to surgically remove equine proud flesh. In fact, the results are often worse with surgical removal of proud flesh. The healing time is longer, scarring is worse, and the hair does not grow in as well. PF Wonder Salve removes proud flesh without tissue damage. It provides a protective coating that does not rub off. PF Wonder Salve is a uniquely balanced formula that we believe is more effective than any other equine product on the market.

Non-Caustic Solution for Healing

PF Wonder Salve dissolves excessive tissue granulation while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. It was developed to be used from start to finish. There’s no need to switch back and forth between products, or use with any other product. PF Wonder Wash prepares the wound bed for application of the salve, and is excellent for cleansing skin.

PF Wonder Salve Customer Reviews

See what our customers and veterinarians are saying about PF Wonder Salve. Often times we hear, from customers, how they wish they’d taken photos of their horses injuries.

Customer Reviews

Before | After Injury Photos

Although these are all catastrophic horse injuries; all have a happy ending. You couldn’t ask for better results. All of the horses shown below suffered no permanent soundness problems from their injuries. They all healed with very little, if any scarring. Click on the photos below to view the injury progression from start to finish.

First Aid Care for Your Horse

PF Wonder Salve is easy to use and ideal for the following:

  • Proud flesh, excessive granulation tissue.
  • Horse wounds, punctures and bites.
  • Wire cuts, abrasions, scrapes, rope burns.
  • Saddle sores, rain rot, & more.

PF Wonder Salve Benefits

  • Naturally antibacterial.
  • Naturally anti-fungal.
  • Over 90% All Natural.
  • Anti-Irritant.
  • No Sting | No Burn.
  • Difficult Horses tolerate it well.
  • Repels Flies.
  • Water resistant.
  • Works with, or without bandage.

Severe Case of Proud Flesh

These photos were submitted to PF Wonder Salve by Charla Brannon, the owner of this two year old colt. The colt fell thru a grain elevator, and when he pulled his leg out of the elevator, the flesh came off all the way to the bone.

This case was first posted on the PF Wonder Salve Facebook page. The first photo shows what the wound looked like the first day after the accident. The second photos shows what the wound looked like when the customer first began using PF Wonder Salve. PF Wonder Salve was the only product used by customer Charla Brannon.

I have never seen something get rid of proud flesh as good and pain free as this product. I highly recommend it!

Charla Johns Brannon


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