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How To Treat Pastern Injury

Proud Flesh Wonder Salve | Powerful Results

This horse filly showed up to the feed pen with a dirty, nasty cut on her pastern. The cut was extremely painful, inflamed, and bloody. Two and a half weeks later there is barely a trace. The hair growth has kept up with the wound closure, and no white hairs! The cut was an inch deep at the top. This cut was never wrapped, and nothing was applied except saline solution (to clean), and the proud flesh wonder salve. This turned around very quickly, with minimal maintenance.

Naturally Antibacterial & Anti-fungal

You can see how dirty the wound was when this filly came to the pen. Proud Flesh Wonder Salve provides an amazing protective coating over the surface. Also it’s naturally antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Also the salve is uniquely anti-irritant. One-step solution with amazing results. Saves time and money!


  • ¬†Pastern injury was cleaned with saline daily.
  • Salve was applied daily, with no bandage

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  • No White Hairs!
  • Dew & Moisture Resistant
  • Repels Flies
  • Forms Protective Coating
  • Works Wrapped or Unwrapped
  • No Sting, No Burn

I have used this product on several severe wounds with great success.

Lu Ann Groves

DVM, The Whole Horse Veterinary Clinic

Fetlock Injury | Ergo

Duration of this injury to the back of fetlock (ergo) is three weeks. Area was wrapped first two weeks. After that, PF Wonder Salve was used without bandage.

Proud Flesh On Lower Leg

Disfiguring Proud Flesh

After having a massive amount of proud flesh surgically removed, the owner of this horse was desperate for a solute. After surgical excessive tissue granulation removal, proud flesh was once again growing. That is when the owner discovered Proud Flesh Wonder Salve. You can see the owner’s review of the salve by clicking here.

De-gloved Leg Injury

The owner of this mare, from Terrell, Texas, was desperate for a solution after proud flesh got out of control while using a compound dispensed by her veterinarian. The photo on the left is what the leg looked like after two months of treatment using the vet’s compound. The photo on the right shows what the leg looked like after 21 days, using Proud Flesh Wonder Salve. We are waiting on final photo. Impressive change to say the least.

Excessive Tissue Granulation Horse
Blunt Force Trauma

This filly is now a bucking mare. She was at a rough-stock futurity sale when she kicked thru steel slats just before bidding began. It took several people to pry the steel with a crow bar and free her leg. She was purchased for $200. After the buyer got her home, the blunt force trauma caused the leg to explode with proud flesh. and hung leg. We have been told she looks even better than shown in the final photo, and is a sound mare.

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