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 De-Gloved Leg

Duration 60 days. A month after becoming injured, this horse developed proud flesh. The owner was following the veterinarian’s treatment protocol, however the area was not contracting, and the tissue granulation became excessive. The horse was scheduled for surgical removal of proud flesh prior to owner finding Proud Flesh Wonder Salve. Hair is still coming in along the edges, and we are awaiting final photo. The owner applied the salve every few days with the included brush.




My gelding caught his leg on barbed wire and ripped the skin diagonally open to the bone just below the hock joint. After a month of the vet’s and other horse owner’s advice I ended up with proud flesh. The vet was going to come out and cut the proud flesh off and I was not happy with that treatment. A little research on the internet resulted in finding your website. I was impressed by the testimonials and reviews and decided to give it a try. I am SO glad I did. In only one application, I saw a dramatic difference! I was amazed. This is not an exaggeration either. It is a wonderful product and I highly, highly recommend this to anyone. I wish I had had it in the beginning instead of wasting a month’s time on everyone else’s remedies. I can’t say enough good things about your salve. I have it on hand and will never be without it again.

Brenda Bridges

Owner of Little Joe, West Texas

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Proud Flesh Wonder Salve comes in two sizes. PF Wonder Wash  compliments the salve.
Prices range from $12.95 – $59.00
De-gloved Leg Treatment For Horse

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