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Leg Injury / Proud Flesh – 1

When the owner of this horse discovered the salve, she was in a panic. The injury at that point was several weeks old, and proud flesh, a.k.a. excessive tissue granulation, had severely disfigured the horse. This was a prized $100,000 show horse in Kentucky. The horse was under the care of a veterinarian during the entire process.

I am so grateful that the wound healed. In regard to the actual wound… The medication worked like a miracle!!!! I was ready to give up. It means a lot to me the help you have given me. I will write more later when I have time to concentrate & and really think about a very complementary statement on behalf of your product. I’ll keep in touch… You provided the miracle I searched for!!!!! I very grateful. Christine

Christine D.

Owner, Kentucky

Amazing Before & After Photos

De-Gloved Leg Treatment

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