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Proud Flesh Home Remedy for Horses

Before getting into proud flesh home remedies, the horse shown on the right was treated with a 2 oz. size jar of PF Wonder Salve. The owner of this horse shared their story on PF Wonder Salve’s Facebook page. The results cannot be beaten, neither can the time or money. Click here to see this case study, and how the owner treated it. Now, on to Proud flesh home remedies, and why you should look no further.

  • Proud Flesh home remedies can cost you time and money, as proud flesh can explode very quickly with incorrect wound management.
  • Many home remedies and commercially made products contain ingredients which slow the healing process of equine wounds. Some of the ingredients are caustic, and some simply keep the wound in limbo without wound contraction.
  • Most of these remedies do not work from start to finish and must be rotated, or changed during the healing process. They are either too caustic, inhibit healing, or actually promote excessive tissue granulation, aka proud flesh.

Beware of the following: meat tenderizer, scarlet oil, iodine, Nitrofurazone ointment (decreases wound contraction and delays regrowth of skin over a wound), hydrogen peroxide (full strength it is toxic to cells), gentian violet, or lime (caustic alkaline burns). These compounds not only “eat” away damaged tissue, they eat healthy tissue needed for proper healing. Most of these products do not work; they are painful and damage tissue. Often times these type of remedies appear to be inexpensive and easy, however, in the long run, they can slow down the process, but worst of all, they leave more scarring than necessary. A blemished horse is not as valuable as one without scars.

Proud Flesh Medicine for Horses

PF Wonder Salve works in a completely different way than the commonly known products mentioned above.  PF Wonder Salve is uniquely balanced to dissolve excessive tissue granulation while leaving healthy tissue unharmed. It contracts the areas as it smooths away and inhibits proud flesh. It’s soothing to horses. Even difficult horses will stand still for the application once it’s been applied.


  • Forms protective coating over the wound.
  • Repels flies.
  • No sting, no irritation.
  • No white hairs.
  • Promotes hair regrowth.
  • Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.
  • Little, if any scarring.
  • Promotes hair re-growth.

Save Time & Money Treating Proud Flesh

With PF Wonder Salve, you will save time and money. Check the detailed case studies in the link below. The photos document the stages of healing in these severe injuries which include cuts, proud flesh, and de-gloving injuries. The cases show the simple steps taken to eliminate existing proud flesh and prevent it from forming. Click below to see case studies of horse injuries.

Before | After Proud Flesh Photos

See the before and after photos in the slider below. All the horses shown below suffered no soundness problems from their injuries. They all healed with very little if any scarring.

My stallion (now gelding), Cracker kicked through the barbed wire fence injuring his left rear leg for the second time in a few months. I was not able to doctor it for quite sometime, and the proud fresh grew out of control (to the size of a tennis ball). When I was able to doctor it I went about it the wrong way and made it worse (size of a grapefruit in several weeks). After a quick Google search by my sister, we found PF Wound Salve. I called the number, they where very helpful and knowledgeable about proud flesh and rushed me my tub of salve. I went out and took care of him with a small bucket of warm soapy water and wash rag, scrubbed it really well each time, covered the proud flesh well with salve, wrapped it with a baby diaper and then vet wrap. The PF Wonder Salve literally dissolved the proud flesh away. Every time I change the bandage it was drastically smaller then the time before and the hair grew back in it’s original color with minimal scarring. I thought my horse was ruined before finding the salve. I highly recommend it, and have referred it to friends who are using it. Thank you PF Wonder Salve. Angela and CrackerMassive Proud Flesh

Angela Rovai


Cuts, Wounds, De-Gloved Leg & Proud Flesh

See the cases below. Click on the links to see detailed photos from start to finish.

Flank Injury

View flank injury treated by Dr. Lees by clicking below.

Severe Leg Injury

Click below to see details of blunt force trauma injury with proud flesh.

Proud Flesh

Click here to see details of show horse in Kentucky with proud flesh.

Chest Injury

Click below to see T-post injury on chest area of horse.

De-Gloved Leg

Click here to see de-gloved leg injures, and exposed bone injuries.

Hock Injury

Click here to see hock injury before & after photos.

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