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 How to Avoid Surgical Removal of Proud Flesh

Proud Flesh Horse MedicationSurgical removal of equine proud flesh (excessive tissue granulation) on your horse may be avoided even if the proud flesh is excessive. The final results after surgical removal of proud flesh are not ideal, especially when you factor in the expense and time to heal the horse. Scarring after surgical removal is problematic, hair regrowth is worse, and often times the expensive procedure has to be repeated.

Proud flesh can explode quickly, especially with a catastrophic wound as shown here. This is the before and after photo of a 2 year old colt that stepped thru a grain elevator. As the colt pulled out his leg, the tissue and skin was ripped to shreds. The first photo shows what the wound looked like after a couple of weeks of treatment recommended by the owner’s veterinarian.

The owner began using PF Wonder Salve and the final photo is shown on the right 6 months later. Most of the progress occurs in the first 30-60 days on a catastrophic injury like this one. During the remaining amount of time, a coat of PF Wonder Salve is applied to the leg every few days, and the horse may be turned out, or lightly ridden.

Is Surgical Removal of Proud Flesh Necessary?

No, it’s not. PF Wonder Salve is a simple one-step solution to dissolve equine proud flesh. Check the F.A.Q. page for more information. PF Wonder Salve saves time and money. It provides a protective barrier that repels flies, and is water resistant. It’s possible to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars treating catastrophic wounds in horses. Hopeless cases have been dramatically turned around with flawless results! Do not miss the amazing before & after photos, or the case studies.

Scarring from Proud Flesh

There are all kinds of ways to heal wounds, and people use all kinds of products. The key is in the results. While surgery, other products or home remedies may get rid of proud flesh, the outcome is what is important. Many people are thrilled that they are able to get the horse healed, and look beyond unsightly scars. Scars greatly diminish the value of your horse. Not only that, scars leave the horse prone to more injuries, as the hair, which protects the skin does not grow in well. Often times there is a lingering scab that doesn’t fully resolve, or will often reappear.

What sets PF Wonder Salve apart from all procedures and products is the speed in which the wound heals, and the final result of the horse. The case study photos speak for themselves, as do the customer testimonies on Facebook, and the Customer Reviews page.

Horse Injury Photos

Horse injury photos are (click here) categorize pages by injury types such as foot injuries, de-gloving injuries, chest injuries, proud flesh, flank injuries, etc. These are all horses treated with PF Wonder Salve.


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