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Causes of Slow Healing Horse Wounds

There are times when a cut or wound just isn’t making any progress. This can go on for days, and the wound will get worse at this point. There are three reasons for non-healing wounds. The most common cause is mis-management of a wound. Wounds can quickly go downhill when mismanaged. Other causes are proud flesh (excessive tissue granulation), or an underlying infection. A wound cannot heal with either scenario occuring.

How To Treat Non-healing Wounds

First, determine the cause. PF Wonder Salve is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-irritant. If infection is present deep within the surface where PF Wonder Salve cannot be applied, pack area with ichthammol ointment. Also, have your vet check to see if a culture is needed, if it’s a joint, and what type of a broad spectrum antibiotic should be administered. Ichthammol will get definitely get a jump start on wound healing. Often times, we pack a severe wound with ichthammol for a day or two, prior to using PF Wonder Salve. For injuries involving exposed bone, a thick paste of sugar and water packed on area, quickly granulates tissue over bone, and feeds the tissue and bone. Sugar paste forms a healthy wound bed. If the wound is not healing due to proud flesh, apply PF Wonder Salve. The mare shown in the photos below was being treated by a veterinarian who prescribed an antibacterial compound. After two months the wound had not healed at all. There was absolutely no wound contraction. The duration shown is after 27 days! Dramatic results were observed once the owner switched to Proud Flesh Wonder Salve.

How To Draw Infection From Wound

Prior to using Proud Flesh Wonder Salve, make sure infection is under control, as to avoid an abscess. Bone, or joint infection is very serious, and life-threatening. A broad -spectrum antibiotic such as Excede is recommended for severe deep, infected wounds affecting joints. Bone infections are extremely serious and require veterinary prescribed antibiotics.

Managing Wound & Preventing Proud Flesh

Ichthammol encourages tissue granulation. Tissue granulation can get out of hand very quickly. It can change from good to bad in days, so ichthammol is not recommended for longer than a few days for the treatment of infection to the lower limbs. Proud Flesh Wonder Salve is effective in eliminating excessive tissue granulation, aka proud flesh. The Salve effectively eliminates older proud flesh.

Five Signs You’re Dealing With Infection

• Heat:  With clean hands, feel the wound and surrounding areas for excessive warmth. Compare area to the same area on the opposite side of your horse.

• Swelling:  If the swelling worsens or returns after waning, it may indicate infection.

• Odor: Any “off” or pungent odor coming from a wound, especially the oddly sweet smell of dead tissue, can be a sign of infection.

• Color: Red skin adjacent to the wound can indicate infection, especially if red streaks radiate from the area outward. Observe the color of wound drainage. Healthy wound drainage has a clear or creamy tinge—the result of natural sloughing of dead white blood cells and wound debris. Bright green or yellow discharge indicates that bacteria and inflammatory cells are present and an infection is at work.

• Tenderness: Any new injury is likely to be sore. However, if your horse’s wound seems more sensitive to the touch than it was previously, or the pain has spread to the surrounding area, suspect infection.


If you are dealing with a nasty cut, pack on the ichthammol while waiting for Proud Flesh Wonder Salve to arrive. It can prevent infection, and long-term use of antibiotics. Always consult your vet in such a situation, as you could be dealing with a serious wound, or infection that may needs prompt veterinary attention.

It’s a good idea to keep the following on your barn: Proud Flesh Wonder Salve, ichthammol ointment, antibacterial saline solution, cotton padding, and vet wrap.

Normal Healing Wounds

The cases below show examples of healthy wound beds without infection, or slowed healing. All were treated with PF Wonder Salve.

Flank Injury

View flank injury treated by Dr. Lees by clicking below.

Severe Leg Injury

Click below to see details of blunt force trauma injury with proud flesh.

Proud Flesh

Click here to see details of show horse in Kentucky with proud flesh.

Chest Injury

Click below to see T-post injury on chest area of horse.

De-Gloved Leg

Click here to see de-gloved leg injures, and exposed bone injuries.

Hock Injury

Click here to see hock injury before & after photos.

PF Wonder Salve Benefits

      • Naturally antibacterial.
      • Naturally anti-fungal.
      • Over 90% All Natural.
      • Anti-Irritant.
      • No Sting | No Burn.
      • Difficult Horses tolerate it well.
      • Repels Flies.
      • Water resistant.
      • Works with, or without bandage.

Horse Injury Photos

Click here to see amazing before and after photos of horse injuries treated with PF Wonder Salve. The case studies detail each case, and show how the injury was treated. Please note, the photos are graphic. Before | After Photos

Customer Reviews

Check the reviews to learn about other customer’s experience using PF Wonder Salve.

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